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About Hopscotch Champions


HOPSCOTCH CHAMPIONS is a comedy audio play approximately 79 minutes in length available on both CD and as an Mp3 download. It has been recorded in stereo for your listening pleasure.


The world’s Tenth Annual International Hopscotch Championship is about to take place and we start by meeting our enthusiastic and informative commentators Mike Rowphone and Mister Rhee Voice. Mike’s and Rhee’s lively banter takes us through the events as they unfold in the match, including some unexpected delays and controversial situations, going right through to the very surprising and ridiculous ending.

We meet other characters such as the man reporting from down on the field Guy Onthespot and referee Jose Emanuel Scratch. We even have an interview with one of the players in the dressing rooms by our female reporter, Betty Pantsbulge.

When the action hits a lull or the TV station needs some more money it’s time to go to a commercial break. These silly advertisements, often running well past the usual 30-60 seconds will sell you everything from government jobs to genetically modified pet fish.


You can listen to HOPSCOTCH CHAMPIONS as you drive, ride or walk. You can turn the TV off and gather your friends around the stereo for an evening of laughs. You can lay in bed at night listening and chuckle yourself to sleep. You can play it at work to make your day brighter or you can play it while doing just about anything that permits laughter.

We really hope you have a fun time listening to all the comical happenings in HOPSCOTCH CHAMPIONS, that it gives you a break from the serious everyday world and we hope you feel refreshed and carry a big smile when you have to go back to it.

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