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Hopscotch Cast & Crew


Peter Altmeier-MortMusical Director, composer and musician.
Stuart BishopRecording and editing artist.
Ron SteeleWriter, director and producer.
Linda SteeleExecutive producer and logistics.
Lucas Van BerkelConsultant and pre-production assistant.
Maria DiLelloPre-production assistant.


Jake JensenMike Rowphone, Rattles Reinhart, Groundskeeper Graeme, Life Time commercial, various voices.

David WollesenMr Rhee Voice, Referee, various voices.

Cary HudsonGuy Onthespot, Basher O’Brien, pigeon lover, various voices.

Shirley Van SandenBetty Pantsbulge, Maxo-Grain commercial, King Killer Kaiser, various voices.

Scott SulakFinnegan’s GM Fish Supply, Action GI Care-home for Aged Thrill Seekers, Channel Eight, various voices and Foley (sound effects).

Lucy BaxterHug a Porcupine, Little Timmy.

Hayden “Prince” JamesCall 1800 R.I.C.H. D.R. today!

Lauren Lovelacevarious voices.

Zalia JoiSpinoza Turkey Gizzards, Foley (sound effects).


That’s my personal actor’s creed. If a story is to be told and heard, engage the audience with no holding back! I’m an American actor from the great mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up performing on stage in musicals, song and dance groups, show choirs, and summer melodrama from the age of five.
I lived in Perth, Western Australia for 4 years and performed in a number of great productions. That’s also where I became the voice of Mike Rowphone along with a number of other fun voices in Hopscotch Champions. I’ve now returned to the states (January 2012) and relocated to Los Angeles, California to continue growing my craft and having fun with audiences.

David began his career in Miami Florida in 1976 touring with the Tony winning musical ‘1776’. After finishing a 12 month tour, he began studying at the Betty Cashman Studios and the West Barron Academy in New York. After a 3year stint in The New Harmony summer stock Company in Evansville Indiana he started his own dinner theater company in Southern Illinois, producing, directing and acting in over 50 productions in and around the heart-land of America. He has also been selected many times as a guest director in various Universities and Colleges in the Tri-State region of Illinois, Missouri and Indiana, producing and directing various productions. He has been involved in many theater and film projects in Perth for the last 6 years, including two feature films (in post production) Congoro and Short Film Maker. David also had a part in the Cannes festival short film Trigger and has acted in 3 plays. You can contact David via email at:

Cary has been involved in the performing arts for over 20 years. He has also appeared in the theater, TV commercials, documentaries, miniseries and short films. This is, however, his first radio play and he hopes you’ll enjoy it. See more of Cary at:

Working as an actor in Perth, Australia, Shirley has played creatures from cats to caterpillars and people alive and undead. Her extensive work in theater for young people has left her with a fondness for physical roles. Her hairiest moments include a live tarantula running down her bra during an ad shoot and wearing a wig made from other wigs in Dorothy Hewett’s musical The Golden Valley. Hottest moments include touring The Deliverance of Dancing Bears to the Pilbara – she was the bear. Her coldest gig was when the pool heater broke down for Frog Opera in L.A. More recently she played a rural Australian widow, Iris in the musical, Heart of Gold, Sheila, a Bristol mother of a severely disabled girl in A Day in the Death of Joe Egg and got scalped in the opera Elektra. Shirley won the 2004 Best Actor Female Equity Guild Award for her role as a Chinese ghost in Hidden Dragons.

Scott has been performing on stage and loving it since he was a young child. He’s been involved in numerous theater and musical performances from Wizard of OZ to Rent. In addition to acting he’s worked on Foley, special effects and set design for Hollywood movies and small community productions. Scott loves the arts and has sung in a range of bands and backed them musically and vocally.

11 year old Lucy Baxter is a versatile actor with the talent, fresh looks and ability for screen and stage as well as the ability to use her unique Scottish based accent with Australian influence for audio work.
She has performed in Jane’s Torment as Anne-Marie and Ellandar Productions’ “Life of Cardboard”. Lucy said she loved performing in Hopscotch Champions because working in a recording studio was a challenge and she loved working with the cast and crew. She plans to be the lead in a major motion picture one day!

Hayden James, age 19, Canadian on vacation in Australia.
“I took drama class in grades 11 and 12, loved it, and decided that if there was an ever an opening in acting, I would jump at the opportunity. While in Australia I met up with Ron, who gave me the opportunity and helped me to get the perfect voice to make the part of the play just feel right. Much Love!”
You can Follow me on twitter at:

Lauren Lovelace, age 19, is an actress signed with Frog Management and also a Miss Universe contestant of 2012.
She also is studying a financial planning degree at Curtin University (Perth, Australia) while already having the job at SFR Advisory Group Pty Ltd.
She admits to being a work-a-holic but also loves surfing and rollerblading whenever she finds time.
“I love working with Ron! He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. It was MY pleasure to participate in Hopscotch Champions!”

With a Dramatic Soprano vocal range (G below middle C to B below high C, strong belt to F below high C), Zalia’s credits in singing are too many to list here plus there’s all the theater and film work she’s done. She is a singer, composer and musician in her own right as well as performing with groups like an ABBA cover band and the Andrew Sisters which keeps her receiving continual requests to perform across a wide range of acts. As one example of her work outside music, her acting performance in Jane’s Torment consistently receives wide eyed positive audience comments on her acting skills. To contact Zalia go to: or check out her website:


Peter has been a professional musician and guitarist for over 35 years in Australia and Europe. He is a multi-instrumentalist and active in a wide range of musical areas that include composition, arranging, studio session work, writing/publishing, and music education. He has been a lecturer at UNSW and ECU, has authored and published two major collections of books on the art of playing guitar and, currently, he delivers both classical and contemporary popular music programs into schools for the WA Department of Education.
Besides recording and performing consistently with many professional ensembles in a variety of musical styles over the years, he has many credits writing music for television, short films, a feature film, and radio. In 1998 he won the Western Australia Music Industry Award for the “Best Jazz Composition” category and has been nominated for the same award in several successive years. He likes gigging around Perth with several different types of bands “just for the sheer enjoyment of it all”. You can find out more about Peter at his website: www.guitarhow or contact him by email:

Stuart has been recording in his own architecturally designed and purpose built studio since the early nineties, covering everything from transcendental meditation to death metal.
He is an IT professional in his own right able to easily meet the demands of today’s digital sound production and backed with knowledge and experience from the days of analogue and digital tape.
Stuart enjoys writing and playing his own music as well as signing his own songs and has been know to sit in as part of the band for a number of acts.
You can find out more at:

Ron is a talented multi-genre writer, director and producer. His purpose in life is to produce works with an emotional impact which contain a worthwhile message and bring about change for the better in the audience.

A.K.A. the Queen of Efficiency. Linda is a leading business consultant by trade and preference turning many struggling businesses around and teaching managers and staff techniques even an MBA would love to know. “Done,” is her favorite saying.

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