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Hopscotch Reviews

“Hopscotch Champions captivated me right from the beginning. I am in my 20s and don’t usually listen to audiobooks, but I found the storyline and voice-overs drew me in and I couldn’t stop laughing. It has been very cleverly written and I am going to keep a look out for more of Ron Steele’s works in the future and my dad would love this play as it is exactly his sense of humor!” – J. G. Lawyer

“Hopscotch Champions is a hilarious romp through the improbable world of the next future Olympic sport. What’s next, knuckle bones.? Probably! Very enjoyable, extremely witty and well produced.”
-J.C. Musician

A hilarious satire on modern broadcasting! Hopscotch, the most neglected of all competitive sports finally gets its due!” -Liza, Texas

“I just wanted it to keep it going, and going, and going!
The most sexy voice I’ve heard in a long time.” -K. F. Sydney, Australia

“Do you like pet fish? We like pet fish.
WT…? That’s hilarious. I’m still chuckling away.” -R. F. California

“Easy comedy and good comic timing.” -T. N. Perth, Australia

“It was totes funny, I loved it.” -K. S. South Africa

“I liked the commentary the best.” -I. S. Perth, Australia

“The commercials were the best.” -R. H. Alberta, Canada

“Couldn’t get enough of the commercials.” -A. H. Adelaide, Australia

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