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Hopscotch Script


Please click here to check out a web version of the Hopscotch Champions play.

Front page of the Hopscotch Champions script.
Note the dog eared corners from much use and various stick-on-notes about marketing, sound effects and so on. Some useful, some not. The script was always referred to during each session in the sound studio. It was the master guide for everything.

Page 17 of the Hopscotch Champions script.
As you can see it’s covered in pencil notes. Some of these were used, some not. Usually a few notes were made and changes got made, then the notes were rubbed out (or not) and when the result got reviewed new notes were added, changes made and the notes rubbed out (or not). On this page I’ve tried to put many of the rubbed out notes back in so you can see them. They don’t necessarily make sense because it was an ongoing process and things kept changing. Pity our sound engineer, Stuart, when I made a change and then later tried to correct it back to the way it was before!

Page 29 of the Hopscotch Champions script.
A different page back to the original with all pencil notes rubbed out. The whole editing process was tricky because as writer and editor you can imagine certain effects and sounds in your head and think they are an important part of the story telling process but sometimes they weren’t needed, sometimes they ended up detracting from the story and sometimes the idea was gotten across through a different sound or combination of sounds. It was all a matter of try and see, or listen actually. Could it have been done differently? Of course.

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